Zachry-Odebrecht Comments On Riley Fuzzel Traffic Nightmare


Press Release from Public Information Officer Ibette Cavazos: [email protected]

Spring, Texas – September 1st, 2015: Zachry-Odebrecht has utilized police officers for the past week at the Rayford and Discovery intersections along Riley Fuzzel during peak hours to help with the movement of traffic. We also had traffic control engineers at the control cabinets to make adjustments to the timing of the signals to help improve traffic flow.  The consensus of ZOPB and TXDOT is that engineers at the cabinets have done more to help traffic flow than did the officers. Subsequently, beginning Monday, August 31, Zachry-Odebrecht will no longer have police officers at the intersections along Riley Fuzzel. We will instead have personnel at the signal boxes during peak hours in order to adjust the cycle timing should they see traffic accumulating. In addition, we will be implementing a traffic switch currently targeted for the second week in September. While in the next configuration we will be removing the through access at the Discovery Creek intersection and implementing a U-turn lane at the Rayford intersection which will help alleviate some of the traffic congestion and increase traffic flow.  The new traffic configuration is illustrated by the attached exhibit.

Current scheduled lane closures are listed below:
  • Birnham Woods NB/SB total closure at Riley Fuzzel 8 pm Saturday, September 12 to 6 am Sunday, September 13.
  • Colorado River Drive NB/SB total closure from 7 am Friday, August 7 to 6 pm Thursday, September 10.

Stay tuned to Spring Happenings for more information on closures and traffic updates.

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