Young, Local Entrepreneurs Leading The Way In Digital Media

Pictured above (left to right): Zach Karrenbrock, founder of Spring Happenings; Kaeleigh Jordan, founder of Rayford Road Round Up; Hunter Stevens, co-founder of Woodlands Monocle. Not pictured; Julio Resendez, co-founder of Woodlands Monocle.


Spring, TX – May 18th, 2015: In Houston, 20-somethings are taking over the media to inform locals about breaking news, traffic, and even upcoming events or the best eateries.

The Media of the Houston area is falling into the hands of young entrepreneurs with big ideas. Spring Happenings, Woodlands Monocle, and Rayford Road Round Up are all evidence of these big ideas taking form. These three websites all have a similar goal: to keep their communities well-informed. They are paving the way for a new form of personalized media, in which the public can interact and have a say in the content posted.


Meet Zach Karrenbrock, founder of Spring Happenings and The Woodlands Happenings:

The go-getter attitude Karrenbrock has, started to reveal itself at a young age. At 15-years-old, he became a volunteer firefighter, serving the Ponderosa Fire Department for six years. At 18, he earned his Eagle Scout rank through the Boy Scouts of America. In 2013, he was a 9-1-1 Dispatcher for Cypress Creek EMS. With his motivation to keep the Spring community informed, Karrenbrock founded Spring Happenings.

Spring Happenings is a website dedicated to informing the community of breaking news. There is a Facebook page for Spring Happenings that has over 15,000 likes, reaching an average of 150,000 people per week.

Karrenbrock said, “Spring Happenings is growing; we’re not stopping in Spring. We will be expanding to several other communities in the coming months. We stand by our slogan, ‘An informed community is a good community,’ and we hope our service continues to better Spring.”


Meet Hunter Stevens & Julio Resendez, co-founders of Woodlands Monocle:

This dynamic duo has known each other since the third grade, and maintained their friendship throughout the years. Resendez said they both “became motivated to start something  in order to never work for anybody again.” They are now business partners and have created Woodlands Monocle, in which they hope will turn into “the digital hub for local interaction.”

With the help of entrepreneurial role models, Resendez and Stevens learned the ins and outs of success and applied this to Woodlands Monocle. Woodlands Monocle is where they are today because of their team, who informs the public about The Woodlands culture, from events to local eateries to fashion.

“The Woodlands is growing, and we want to be the catalyst for that growth. We want the community to own our website, and not the other way around,” said Resendez.


Meet Kaeleigh Jordan, founder of Rayford Road Round Up:

At the young age of 17, Jordan was inspired to create a Facebook page revolving around news on Rayford Road. Jordan is now 23, runs Rayford Road Round Up by herself, and is also a professional nanny and babysitter, devoting her talent and time to working with children.

The Facebook page Rayford Road Round Up Spring, Texas was created in late-2009 by Jordan. She still runs this site by herself, and it now has almost 8,000 likes and continues to grow. As her site grows, Jordan grows with it. She said she is a “very free spirit and easy going, so page is the same way.” The future of her page depends on what the public wants.



All of these self-starting individuals have a passion for keeping their communities informed. There are many opportunities ahead of them as they continue to grow with their websites and positively impact the lives of locals.



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