Veteran-Owned Trash Bin Cleaning Company Helps Disinfect During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Spring, Texas – Blazing Bins, a family-owned trash bin cleaning company, is helping businesses reopen in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Richard and Chasstidy Shubin, husband and wife owners of Blazing Bins, are working hard to clean up the streets of Texas. 

“We are helping businesses clean their indoor trash cans and get ready to reopen. We treat each can as if it were full of COVID-19 Kleenex and germs. We are sanitizing the cans longer and using higher temps than normal. We are continuing to educate on why cleaning trash cans is so important,” Richard and Chasstidy explained. 

Blazing Bins use 190-degree hot water to help eliminate bacteria that is commonly found in trash cans such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listerine. It is these bacteria that are responsible for the odors associated with garbage and trash cans. 

“So many people do not realize how nasty cans can be, just because your can is clean doesn’t mean your neighbor’s can is clean. The trash man touches all the trash cans. Think about that for a second,” the couple said. 

The Shubin’s started the company after settling down in the Spring area, where they now raise their two sons.

Richard Shubin, a disabled Veteran who has served 16 years with multiple tours as an Automated Logistic Specialist in the U.S. Army, has been deployed to Iraq, South Korea, and spent 6 years in Germany before serving the rest of his time in the states.

After completing his military service, both Richard and Chasstidy knew that they wanted to give back to their community. Finally, In October 2018, the couple opened Blazing Bins. “We wanted to come up with a name that fit us and the Houston area and HOT came to mind – nothing is like the Texas heat so we decided on Blazing – we also liked that once the cans are cleaned they are literally BLAZING hot!” the couple explained.

The service begins with an inspection of the trash cans to make sure all garbage has been picked up. Any remaining pieces are removed from the cans. Richard then determines the type of cleaning that the trash cans will be in need of. The cans are then loaded onto the arms of the truck and the outside is washed with a cleaning solution before the cans are placed inside of the truck. Once inside, the cans are sprayed with hot water that disinfects them. After they’ve been sanitized, Richard once again inspects the cans for anything that may be stuck inside. 

After the cans have been cleaned, sanitized, and dried they are returned to the homeowner’s garage area. 

“This is a step that our customers rave about. They love that they do not have to guess if the can has been cleaned or not.”

Blazing Bins currently services Spring, The Woodlands, parts of Conroe, Tomball, Magnolia, and Montgomery. 

According to the couple, Blazing Bins offers affordable services and a one-time option for those who may not be able to commit to a reoccurring plan. The couple recommends different plans depending on each family and business’s waste habits. 

“It varies for each family, this is what we tell our customers. If you have kids who toss things into the can without a bag, children in diapers, leaky bags, or animal waste going into the can monthly is highly recommended. For those who just like a clean trash can and an awesome smelling garage, we would recommend bimonthly.”

In addition to trash bin cleaning/sanitizing, Blazing Bins also offers a variety of other services. 

Richard is certified and insured in pressure and soft washing services and has experience washing a variety of surfaces including driveways, sidewalks, roofs, pool areas, chimneys, gutters, homes, school playgrounds, and more. 

“If it can be washed, he can do it without damaging your property! We have before and after pictures on our Facebook page and reviews. Quotes are always free!” Chasstidy said.  

When you take a look at their social media accounts, you’ll quickly find that they’re filled with fantastic reviews. Richard and Chasstidy say they owe it all to treating customers with respect and appreciating their support. 

“Basically, we treat our customers like family. We know they have a choice and they chose us we want them to be happy with their choice. We enjoy getting to know the people, the stories, the whys. We feel like we are making a difference for businesses and families and we love what we do. We are able to do this because of the people; they matter so we treat them like they matter.”

For more information visit, or call 832-833-BINS (2467).

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