Veteran-Owned Blazing Bins Is Disinfecting Trash Bins In Spring For A Cleaner Neighborhood

Spring, Texas – May 29, 2019: When Richard and Chasstidy Shubin first started working on Blazing Bins, a family operated trash bin cleaning service, they had plans of cleaning up the streets of Texas.

Richard, a disabled Veteran who has served 16 years with multiple tours as an Automated Logistic Specialist in the U.S. Army, has been deployed to Iraq, South Korea, and spent 6 years in Germany before serving the rest of his time in the states.

Richard and Chasstidy have been married for 7 years and once Richard completed his military service, the couple decided to settle down in the Spring area where they now raise their two sons.

In October 2018, the Shubin’s finally decided to open up a business that they knew would serve the community they love. Blazing Bins helps Texas residents by cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting household trash bins.

By eliminating odors and food particles, Blazing Bins is able to reduce the number of insects and rodents in the community.

Not only does their service reduce the number of pests in the area, but it also eliminates disease and germs, such as E-Coli and Listeria. The trash cans are left smelling great, disinfected and the whole family is kept safe.

“We take the nasty water with us so we don’t leave the mess in their yard for them to track through their homes. We only use eco-friendly chemicals and we dump the water responsibly!”

The name for Blazing Bins came from a spark of genius relating to both the hot weather in Texas and the way in which the cans are disinfected.

“We wanted to come up with a name that fit us and the Houston area and HOT came to mind – nothing is like the Texas heat so we decided on Blazing – we also liked that once the cans are cleaned they are literally BLAZING hot!” the couple explained. “Our water is heated to 180 degrees to kill the germs and bacteria so the name was fitting! Disclaimer – we do not burn trash cans.”

Along with the great name, the community has been in great support of Blazing Bins and the services they have to offer. The Shubin’s couldn’t be more grateful to give back to the community.

“The community has been amazing. We have several referrals, some contracts with local businesses and are rated a 5 on our business page,” the couple said. “We take pride in our business and giving back so we have given away numerous gift certificates to schools, and organizations. This has really helped us get the word out that we exist most people have no idea!”

Blazing Bins currently covers 11 different zip codes in the Tomball, Spring, Woodlands, and Magnolia areas. The couple looks forward to being able to expand their business so that they can service even more homes and help keep the neighborhood clean from disease and pests.

They even have a special offer exclusively for Spring Happenings readers. Readers that sign up for Blazing Bin’s monthly service plan anytime in May will get their 4th clean free.

Blazing Bins has also expanded to offer residents with residential and commercial pressure washing. They have a special pressure washing system that allows them to clean large areas at a time including driveways, sidewalks, patios and parking lots.

“We also have an AWESOME referral program – If you sign up for our monthly service and refer any new customer – if they sign up for our monthly service you get a month free!”

As the couple continues to serve the neighborhood, they look forward to a possible expansion but are currently more focused on growing the areas they cover.

“We take pride in our work and our brand,” the couple said. “We have several different plans – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, so we have a plan for you!”

Click here to find Blazing Bins on Facebook and here to visit their website!

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