Veteran-Owned Blazing Bins Adds Second Truck to Streets

Blazing Bins Spring Texas

Spring, Texas – Blazing Bins, a veteran-owned and operated curbside trash bin cleaning business, just added their second truck to the streets. Having a second truck will allow Blazing Bins the opportunity to serve more residents in their community.

Owners Richard and Chasstidy Shubin started their business in October 2018. The family began their business as a way to give back to the community they love. They are expanding to serve a larger area.

“We have recently changed our business model,” Shubin said. “We come the day after your cans are empties. You just leave your cans outside by the garage and we come clean them and return them. This allows us to be more predictable as far as routes are concerned.”

The Blazing Bins trucks use high pressure 190 degree water to sanitize the cans. All of the mess goes straight into the truck. In addition to washing, they also dry and deodorize the bins.

“Our custom-made trucks use an eco-friendly, efficient, affordable and unique process for cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing dirty recycle/trash bins. The unhealthy and nasty job of cleaning and disinfecting bins yourself is now a thing of the past,” Shubin said.

How it works

  1. Sign up for service online.
  2. Blazing Bins will send you a reminder email the day before your service.
  3. Blazing Bins will come to your home, pick up your trash bins from your garage and clean, sanitize and deodorize them using their specialty trucks.
  4. After the service, the Blazing Bins crew will roll your cans back up to your garage smelling fresh and clean!


Trash Bin Cleaning

  • Monthly – $9.50; (1) additional can $7
  • Bi-monthly – $12.50; (1) additional can $9
  • Quarterly – $16.50; (1) additional can $11

Other services

  • Pressure Washing and Soft Washing
    • Homes
    • Roofs
    • Sidewalks
    • Driveways
    • Pool Areas
    • Mailboxes

To sign up for their services, visit

Area codes Blazing Bins is currently serving: 77354, 77373, 77375, 77379, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77385, 77386, 77388, 77389,77316*, 77384*, 77302*

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