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Spring, Texas – July 3rd, 2015: Tacos full of fresh ingredients, with so much flavor, all served with a smile.  Taco Crave is a concept created by husband and wife David Posadas and Lorena Canales.  If you are expecting your standard Tex-Mex tacos, get ready to be surprised with some made from scratch, authentic fillings like Chipotle Chicken, Picadillo Con Papas, Spicy Carnitas, Ranch Potatoes and their signature Crave Meat.  Sure, you can get some classics like Beef Fajitas and Grilled Chicken, which are equally as impressive as their guisos (stewed meats).  What is so awesome about Taco Craveis that they will let you sample their fillings. The hard part is going to be choosing which ones to get in your Tacos.

I sat down with David the owner and chef of Taco Crave for a Q&A:

What made you decide to open your restaurant in Spring, TX?

Growing up in Monterrey, Mexico was a lot of fun. Outside the Middle School was a stand selling the first street tacos we ever had, and it was love at first taste. The flavor stayed in our minds and from then on, we were hooked on street tacos.

Taco Crave was born from our craving for the authentic Mexican street style taquitos we used to eat when in Monterrey. Often my wife Lorena and I would find ourselves asking “what are you craving for lunch, or dinner”, and we both  always reply “taquitos de Monterrey and arroz con leche for dessert”. After 20 years of working in the restaurant industry we decided which taquitos from Mexico we crave the most and set our sights on making them exactly the same, if not better, and we decided to call our restaurant Taco Crave!

Tell me about you’re your recipes and the story of the “Crave Meat”

My grandmother was in the restaurant industry for 60 years. Most are authentic family secret recipes. Our guisos (stews) are time tested, traditional recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. We offer these along with recipes that we got from our favorite taco stands in Monterrey and San Luis Potosi.

​Crave Meat was born at a party while making steak for tacos. Being in party mood ourselves, we added different meats to the pot where the steak was cooking. To add the party flavor we added some beer, closed the lid and let it cook for a while. Well, the result turned out to be the perfect party meat for quick tacos. The flavor of this special taco filling is hard to describe. If the flavors could talk they would probably say “get out of the way, flavor coming thru”

How do you come up with your Taco of The Month and which one has been the most successful?

Well, it’s from the cravings that we have. Last month I was craving some really good mole’, so I made it the Taco of The Month.  Most of them are flavors that we can’t find here and miss from home or grandma’s cooking. Some of our flavors were developed just from playing around, which leads me to this month’s flavor, Crave Chicken. I added bacon and mushrooms to our already flavorful grilled chicken. Crave Chicken has been such a hit already, we have doubled our chicken order this month to keep up with the demand. I have a feeling this one is going to have to stay on the menu on a permanent basis or our customers might riot!

Your logo looks very professional, I have heard people think you are a chain. Tell me what you think of that?

I actually wanted a franchisable logo, so when we decide to expand we would be ready for it.  I really wanted something modern, because didn’t want to be mistaken for a tex-mex restaurant.  On the walls are  pictures of authentic taco stands. We wanted people to know walking in that we are authentic street taco vendors, in a nice clean environment.

Your Salsas are very good, and different in a great way.  Do you make your salsas fresh in house?

Yes, some people say that salsa is what makes the taco, and we find that very true. However, we also know that great tasting meats and tortillas are also components of terrific tacos. With that in mind we have created salsas with the perfect balance that would never overpower the flavor of the taco as a whole.  Our salsas and toppings work together to perfectly enhance the flavors of any of the flavorful stewed or grilled meats that we serve in our tacos.

What are your future plans for Taco Crave?

We will eventually add tamales, tortas, and of course more crazy combinations in our Taco of The Month.  We would love to be the favorite local family spot in town. Sort of the place you can come as you are and be yourself, part of the Taco Crave family.  Hopefully we will become part of your family as well.  Eventually we will open more locations, so we can see generations of families coming through our doors to experience our hospitality and great food.

I usually end my interview with this question, give me 5 words to describe Taco Crave?

Homemade, Authentic, Family, Flavorful and Different.

Article by: Nick “Foodie” Rama

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