Sweet Treat Guide: 10 Places To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Spring, Texas – Looking to treat yourself to something sweet? Here are 10 dessert places in Spring that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. From milkshakes to homemade pies, these are the best spots to bring friends and family together.

Top 10 places in Spring, Texas for your sweet treats:

– Chill Milkshake Bar

Chill’s has a wide variety of milkshake flavors to choose from. With inventive names such as Gimme Smore and Cookie Monster, Chill’s even allows you to build your own milkshake! Be sure to check out the waffle bar as well.

Website: http://chillthemilkshakebar.com

Address: 6402 Louetta Rd, Ste 115, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (832) 559-7093

– Red Top Bakery

At Red Top Bakery you can choose from 40 different styles of cheesecake. The bakery also sells cookies, toffee, cinnamon rolls, along with assorted breads and pies.

Website: http://redtopbakery.com

Address: 6402 Louetta #105, Spring, Texas 77379

Phone number: (832) 559-3150

– Snowflake Donut’s Cafe

This locally owned mom & pop donut shop serves up fresh donuts daily. Their donuts are hand-cut and fried in-house with a wide variety to choose from.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/snowflakedonutslouetta/

Address: 4660 Louetta Rd Suite 170, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (832) 585-1106

– Bahama Buck’s

Bahama Buck’s serves up delicious shaved ice creations, smoothies, lemonades, and more. Choose from tons of unique gourmet shaved ice flavors or one of the made-to-order island smoothies. The place is both Gluten-free & Celiac friendly.

Website: http://www.bahamabucks.com/

Address: 3403 Louetta, Ste A, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (281) 377-8482

– Euro Bakery & Greek Restaurant Cafe

This small family-owned Greek bakery and restaurant serves up delicious homemade chocolate and vanilla cakes. Along with cakes, the bakery features cookies, pastries, pies, and can even create a custom cake just for you.

Website: http://www.eurobakery-cafe.com/

Address: 5010 Louetta Rd, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (281) 257-3023

– El Kiosko

Enjoy authentic Mexican desserts at El Kiosko. The place serves up unique water-based ice cream with 100% fruit known as Trole along with fruit salads, popsicles, and milkshakes.

Website: http://www.elkioskofrutasyhelados.com

Address: 100 Cypresswood Dr., Suite E, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (281) 719-8587

– UKiss Snack Shop

Sweet and savory are brought together at UKiss Snack Shop. Indulge in Choose from apples preparades, ice cream, fruit salads, churros, and smoothies.

Website: http://ukiss.shop

Address: 3835 Louetta Rd Ste B, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (832) 299-6514

– R.J. Goodies

This family-owned bakery serves up a delicious array of specialty cakes and more. You can enjoy seasonal specialty items, cookies, cakes and tons of other baked goods.

Website: http://www.rjgoodies.net/

Address: 17297 Stuebner Airline Rd, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (281) 376-4554

– House of Pies The Woodlands

Indulge in mini pies, cakes, cookies, and brownies 24/7. House of Pies is always open and ready to serve up one of their specialty pumpkin, key lime, or coconut custard pies. There are also cheesecake and ice cream desserts as well.

Website: http://www.houseofpies.com/

Address: 1330 Lake Woodlands Drive, The Woodlands, Texas

Phone number: (713) 389-5514

– DeNovo Coffee – Spring

DeNovo Coffee serves up more than just lattes and drip coffee. The coffee shop has an extensive dessert menu featuring refreshing Italian cream sodas, fruit smoothies, and chocolate milk-based drinks. Perfect for adults and kids!

Website: http://www.denovocoffee.com/

Address: 4880 Louetta Rd, Spring, Texas

Phone number: (346) 808-5979


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