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Rhythm Music School Inspires Local Music Students To Achieve More With The Musical Ladder System®

Rhythm Music School Inspires Local Music Students To Achieve More With The Musical Ladder System®
May 10
21:21 2017
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Spring, Texas – May 10th, 2017: Practice. It’s not the most fun word ever created and it’s definitely not a favorite activity of music students. But the Rhythm Music School has helped to solve that age old problem by being the first school in Spring, TX, Tomball, TX and The Woodlands TX to license the system.

The music teaching system is being used by music schools across the US and Canada to inspire music students to practice more and enhance their love for music.

Similar to karate belt tests, every 90 days or so, students have a test with their private music instructor.

When they pass they receive really cool color wristbands with the name of the level they passed. They also receive a certificate and at some levels a trophy.

The system has been a great help to owner Andrew Muema to help inspire his students. About the system he says:

“It’s totally a game changer. Parents are able to monitor the progress of their children. Moreover, kids and teens love it. They are motivated to practice their pieces knowing that wristbands and trophies are earned and not bought.”

The Musical Ladder System® has also been a big hit with local music students and their parents as evidenced by the Rhythm Music School Facebook page which showcases pictures of the students when they pass their achievement tests.

Parent Mangi Thomas says about the system and what it has done for her child:

“My daughter Pelo is very motivated because she wants to move to the next level. In the past, it was a struggle to get her to practice. But now she doesn’t need to be reminded because she is looking forward to advance to the next level.”

Parents and students interested in checking out this cutting edge music teaching system can contact the Rhythm Music School at www.RhythmMusicSchool.com.

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