Rakuu Asian Cuisine Writes Open Apology Letter To Public After Cockroach Was Found In Customers Food

Spring, Texas – September 10th, 2015:  Cockroaches aren’t something you want to find on your plate at a restaurant, Spring Resident Eric Mitchell was dining at the Rakuu Asian Cuisine restaurant on FM 2920 near Rhodes road when he found a cockroach mixed in with his garlic beef dish. Eric posted the photo on a local foodie Facebook page where the photo went viral.  Managment from Rakuu sent us this letter today asking for the publics apology, you can read the letter below.

Open Letter To Public From Rakuu

On behalf of the entire Rakuu restaurant and staff, we sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident that one of our guests experienced on September 9, 2015. What they experienced is completely unacceptable and we absolutely feel terrible for letting this incident happen in the first place. It is our fault, and we should have handled it in a more professional manner. Unfortunately, our floor manager wasn’t there at the time of the incident and our employee had never dealt with this kind of situation. So, as you could imagine, they were very confused and didn’t know how to correctly deal with the situation. If our floor manager had been on duty, they would have taken better care of the situation, and gone the extra mile to make sure our guest was properly taken care of. We have taken the further steps to ensure this will never happen again in the future, and have trained all of our staff on how to correctly deal with situations like this. Though it is very unlikely, we want all Rakuu employees to be educated on the proper care for such a rare situation.

However, there are always two sides to every story. We are not trying to deny our fault but wanted to give everybody an insight into the story and a better understanding about the situation.

After the incident, we carried out a thorough internal investigation to see what went wrong. We went through the security footage and inspected the meat, the sauces, the vegetables, and the equipment. We noticed that the meat was carefully prepped and put into an enclosed container, the sauces we contained in an enclosed bucket and all the equipment had been washed thoroughly. We inspected the bug and found out that it was a nymph (baby bug), the bug was still at the very early stage of its life circle and it couldn’t move that far from its nest. So we came to conclusion that some of our vegetables may have been infected with cockroach since it wasn’t stored properly at the wholesale place (the vegetables were purchased one day after Labor Day), this bug may have been born inside some of the vegetables. Even though the vegetables were carefully washed and prepared; this bug had fallen through the crack of human error. After learning about the infected vegetable, we have thrown away all of those vegetables and immediately restocked new produce. Plus the kitchen was power washed before we closed for Labor Day weekend. In addition, we sprayed the store with pest control mixture less than a week ago. The chance that the bug was originated from the store is very unlikely.

Please know that we care immensely about our guests’ health and wellness. Every single dish that is sent out from our kitchen is carefully prepared, as if it were made for a family member not a customer. As a brand new local business, we know how hard it was this past year for us to build up our reputation. We do realize the magnitude of this incident, and we want to emphasize that we value our guests trust in us that this will never happen again.

We hope that the public will give us a fair judgment, sometimes even when you try your hardest you still fail and you’re still making mistakes. We will try to overcome the incident to serve our community better and that is our promise to you. We’re hoping that our customers still support us and stand strong behind us so that we can be there to serve you for many years to come.

Once again, please accept our sincere apology for this unfortunate incident.

– Rakuu Management

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