Old Town Spring Hauntings And How To Explore Them

Spring, Texas – Halloween brings out one of the more confusing traits that many people have- why are we so often drawn to and curious about the things that frighten us? Whatever the reason, for many such people this is the best time of the year to explore places that are said to be haunted, and residents in the Spring area do not have to travel far to find them as Old Town Spring is well-known as a place with an eerie past and where people report strange occurrences.

A hanging judge, a curse from a cannibalistic Native American tribe, and an icehouse that doubled as a morgue are among the many stories from Old Town Spring’s history that some people believe to be the reason for alleged hauntings in the present day.

The most famous haunted site is the Wunsche Brothers Café and Saloon. Now a historical landmark, the building was constructed in 1902 and was the first two-story building in Spring. It functioned as a hotel, brothel, and saloon in its first decades of existence before becoming a café in the 1940s. It is largely agreed upon that the ghosts haunting the building are those of Charlie and Dell Wunsche, the original owners.

The business recently reopened in February 2021 after a fire ravaged the building in 2015. The cause of the fire was never determined, and it only damaged the newly constructed parts of the building. The historic sections suffered smoke damage only. The building has changed ownership many times over the years, and a handful of the former owners have reported strange noises and unexplained objects moving. The Wunsche Family Cemetery lies just two miles away, inconspicuously positioned right next to I-45 near Spring High School.

Another spot in Old Town Spring might frighten visitors even if it weren’t claimed to be haunted: The Doll Hospital. Opened in 1986, The Doll Hospital truly is a business that specializes in repairing the notoriously unsettling toys. Local lore tells of a time when a mysterious package arrived containing an antique doll and a note asking the business to restore the doll for a sick family member. The story goes that once the staff began working on the doll they experienced a clear supernatural disturbance from it.

The doll allegedly would appear in random places in the building without having been moved and multiple staff members claimed to be physically hurt by it, including one who said that during the doll’s stay at the hospital she was pushed down a flight of stairs, though there was no one around. The Doll Hospital is still an operating business, and visitors can look in the windows to see other dolls that are said to be haunted.

With so many stories and different places purported to have supernatural happenings, official tours have been made to guide people through the various sites and explain their histories. These guided experiences offer the best opportunity for people to learn the stories and see the sights of Old Town Spring’s wealth of hauntings.

Look into these two tours to learn all about why some consider Old Town Spring to be one of the most haunted areas in the country:

Old Town Spring Ghost Walk
Old Town Spring Ghost Tour

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