Montgomery Co. Terminates “Stay Home, Stop the Spread” Order; Ends Curfew

Montgomery County, Texas – On Friday afternoon, County Judge Mark J. Keough issued an order immediately terminating the “Stay Home, Stop the Spread” order from March 27th. This new order will end the curfew that was imposed immediately and substitutes Montgomery County’s local order for Governor Abbotts Executive Order GA-14, which will expire April 30th This new order further calls on all residents and businesses to follow new guidance issued by the White House yesterday and the orders issued by the Governor which we expect on April 27th.

“After reaching our peak of COVID-19 cases earlier this week and in consultation with local health authorities and hospital executives, Montgomery County is continuing to see a slower rise in active cases than originally projected.” Said Judge Keough.

“With the slower progression of the virus among our population than originally projected, and with hospital utilization continuing to remain low we can begin to open up sectors of our economy as early as the Governor allows.” Keough Continued.

Today’s order adds additional local guidance for businesses and individuals so they can safely return to work across Montgomery County. These local guidelines are in step with federal and state guidelines recently issued.

Additionally, the order continues restrictions on nursing homes and senior care facilities to ensure our vulnerable populations are protected moving forward.

1: Executive Order GA-14, signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on March 31, 2020, currently in effect throughout Texas and Montgomery County, remains in effect until its expiration date or until it is amended, terminated, extended or superseded by a subsequent order issued by Governor Abbott.

2. Montgomery County’s Local Stay Home, Stop the Spread Order dated March 27, 2020, and all subsequent amendments or extensions, including the 11:59 PM to 6:00 AM curfew, are immediately terminated.

3. Montgomery County will continue, as directed, to enforce all provisions of Executive Order GA-14 and any subsequent Executive Orders issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

4. All Businesses in Montgomery County as defined by GA-14 and clarified by subsequent opinions of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which have been deemed essential or nonessential, shall continue to follow all of the provisions of GA-14 and any future amendments or provisions of that order, or any provisions of subsequent Executive Orders issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

5. Montgomery County residents and businesses shall follow all current or future guidance and/or orders issued by the CDC, the White House, or the Texas Governor, with regard to social distancing, phased opening of certain businesses, protection of vulnerable individuals, mass gatherings, social events, and travel. Guidance and/or orders issued by the
aforementioned group may be altered or amended by local orders, as necessary, to respond to and mitigate local COV!D-19 conditions.

6. Nursing homes, retirement, long-term care, senior living centers, or any other facility that provides a permanent or temporary living services to vulnerable individuals shall prohibit
non-essential visitors from accessing their facilities unless to provide critical assistance or for end of life visitation. Additionally, these facilities are prohibited from providing or allowing gatherings of residents. (This provision shall remain in effect until further notice)

7. Vulnerable individuals should continue to stay home as much as possible. When necessary to be in public places, vulnerable individuals, should avoid any large gatherings, maximize physical distance from others and practice good hygiene.

8. Individuals are urged to continue practicing good hygiene, by washing hands often, utilizing hand sanitizer when hand washing is unavailable, avoid touching your face, disinfecting
frequently used items and surfaces, and utilize face coverings where possible when in public settings. Individuals who are ill should stay home avoiding any public activities and isolate from other family members until directed by a medical professional or symptom-free.

9. Businesses are urged to develop and implement appropriate policies in accordance with any guidance or orders issued by federal, state and local governments. These policies should follow best practices for each respective industry with regard to; social distancing, and use of protective equipment. Providing increase sanitation of common and high-traffic areas, screening employees for illness, requiring employees who are ill to stay home.

Source: Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack – Facebook

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