Klein ISD Board Of Trustees Incumbents Reelected, Newcomer Dustin Creager Wins Race For Undefended Seat

Klein, Texas – Klein Independent School District held elections for four seats on its seven-seat Board of Trustees during yesterday’s election day. Board positions 2, 3, 4, and 5 were on the ballot on November 2, 2021, with all but Position 4 having an incumbent candidate in the race. Initial results show incumbents Doug James, Chris Todd, and Ronnie Anderson winning reelection, as well as newcomer Dustin Creager winning Position 4 in his first time running for office. Board terms last three years and elections for new members are held every November.

The following are the results of the November 2, 2021 election for the Klein ISD Board of Trustees as of November 3 at 9:00AM CST. At this point all Harris County polling stations are reporting their numbers, though the election results have not yet been certified. Incumbent candidates are marked with an asterisk.

Position 2:
– Doug James*: 11,659 (63.7%)
– Matt Skaggs: 6,628 (36.2%)

Position 3:
– Chris Todd*: 10,821 (59%)
– Natalie Pilkinton: 7,498 (40%)

Position 4:
– Dustin Creager: 7,934 (44.3%)
– Denise Morrison: 4,441 (24.8%)
– Rhonda Foster: 2,721 (15.2%)
– Michael Robert Walsh: 1,371 (7.6%)
– Dara Osborn: 896 (5%)
– James C. Fluker: 536 (2.9%)

Position 5:
– Ronnie Anderson*: 10,396 (56.5%)
– Kristin J. Cobb: 7,982 (43.4%)

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees typically has no more than three seats available per election cycle. Four seats were available this year as Position 2 was being temporarily held by Doug James, having been appointed by the board to the seat after the 2020 election when the winner of that race, Alvin Vaughn, declined to take the seat. The winner of the race this year would assume the remainder of the position’s term, with Doug James winning and retaining his full term on the board.

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