Homeowner Pulls Gun On Burglars In Northgate Crossing – Be on the look out!


Information & Photos from a resident in the Northgate Crossing Subdivision

Spring, Texas – September 7th, 2015 (Nextdoor.com): Please be aware of a black older model Cadillac, with deeply tinted windows, cruising around the Northgate Crossing neighborhood . There is also a black guy dressed in black wearing black and red sneakers, walking into yards where it appears no one is home, peeking into windows and going into back yards. He is on a cell phone. The car came after he went thru our neighbors yard on Westgate Village Lane. After seeing another neighbor and myself standing outside, the guy walking the neighborhood appeared, coming from yet another yard, got into the black car and they slowly drove away. We have called the police and made a report. AGAIN – please be aware of these individuals. Look out for our neighbors that are at work or out of town!

The plate on the vehicle was a stolen plate. Cadillac has front end paint damage / flaking. You can see the thinner man has tattoos on his arms and hands. Video shows them burglarizing car, but were surprised when approached by the armed homeowner. Summarizing key identifying points (as seen in still shots):

  • Plates are stolen
  • Front end bumper has chipping black paint
  • Tattoos on arms and hands (suspect one)
  • Mole or tattoo under right eye (suspect two)
  • Passenger side rear bumper corner is dented in
  • Back of car has a Peacock dealership emblem
  • Safety sticker expires 01 of 16
  • Registration sticker expires 09 of 15





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