GFY Express Car Wash Will Not Run Annual Haunted Car Wash This Year

Spring, Texas – Good For You Express Car Wash, commonly known as GFY, has announced that it will not be running its annual haunted car wash this Halloween season. GFY responded to Spring Happenings saying, “With safety and insurance issues we were not able to host the haunted car wash this year. We hope we can do it next year.”

The novelty car wash features Halloween-themed lights and decorations as well as employees dressed in horror costumes attempting to scare patrons throughout the line, the wash, and the vacuum bays. GFY owner Bobbie Munsey began running the haunted car wash in 2017 out of her love for Halloween and it wasn’t long before it became an extremely popular seasonal activity.

In the years that it has been open, it is typical for GFY to give its haunted wash to hundreds of cars per night, garnering lines that can be two or three hours long. The event gained popularity in 2018 when it was the scene of a viral video featuring a child screaming in fright while an attendant dressed as Michael Meyers stood eerily near their car.

Residents in the Houston area who are still looking for a haunted car wash can find one at Spout Car Wash in League City and Quick Quack Car Wash in Katy.

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