ESD 11 Approves Tax Cuts, Klein ISD To Vote On Tax Cuts In October

Harris County, Texas – Residents in north Harris County may soon be enjoying new local tax cuts as two governmental entities made moves this September to lower their property tax rates. Emergency Services District No. 11 (ESD 11) approved a lowered tax rate in a September 9 meeting and Klein Independent School District (Klein ISD) proposed a tax cut on September 13 that will be voted on in its October board meeting.

ESD 11
In a unanimous September 9 vote, ESD 11 commissioners approved a tax rate of $0.0323 per $100 valuation for fiscal year 2021-2022, down approximately 3% from the previous year’s rate of $0.03333 per $100 valuation.

The approval came just over a week after ESD 11 launched its new in-house ambulance service, ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare. According to the CEO of the new service, Doug Hooten, the projected annual costs of ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare are variable as it has not yet had a full fiscal year to collect data.

ESD 11 General Council Regina Adams noted that the tax rate is subject to change for next year as the district gathers more information on ESD 11 Mobile Healthcare’s annual operating revenue and cost.

“This is an interesting conversation after all the doom and gloom we’ve heard in the last year that we’re going to be having these massive tax increases,” said ESD 11 Board Vice President Steve Williams. “It’s nice to be in this position.”

Klein ISD
In a September 13 meeting, the Klein ISD Board of Trustees proposed a new property tax rate of $1.3001 per $100 valuation, which would be an approximately 2.8% reduction from the current rate of $1.3373 per $100 valuation. If passed in the upcoming October board meeting, the new tax rate will be the lowest for Klein ISD in 11 years.

According to Klein ISD Chief Financial Officer Dan Schaefer, the district was in a position to offer such a reduced tax rate because of its sensible and consistent financial management. For a family with a home valued at $200,000, the lowered rate would yield savings of about $75.

Klein ISD Superintendent Jenny McGown expressed her satisfaction with the district’s actions, saying, “I am grateful for the partnership between our Board of Trustees and district leadership in maintaining our tradition of excellence in meeting the needs of all of our students and our high level of financial integrity while focusing on cost-saving measures for our taxpayers.”

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