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End Hip End It Rock-N-Roll Music Festival Returns To Old Town Spring

End Hip End It Rock-N-Roll Music Festival Returns To Old Town Spring
July 09
08:35 2017
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Spring, Texas – July 9th, 2017: End Hip End It is a two-day rock n roll music festival that will take place in Old Town Spring on October 21st and Walter’s Downtown on October 22nd. Each day will feature a blistering lineup of rock bands from around the country and this year’s lineup can once again solidify the idea of this being known as a psychedelic music festival!

  1. When and where will this year’s festival take place? This year’s festival is taking place on October 21st in Old Town Spring (Preservation Park) and on October 22nd at Walter’s Downtown (venue).
  2. What makes your festival different than others in the area? There is no doubt that there are many festivals today and many new festivals popping up every year. The reason this did not deter us from creating End Hip End It was simply that there is nothing like our festival. All of the bands on our event are mostly “underground” bands or bands that are not that big in the city of Houston. This is of course in comparison to other events like Free Press Summer Fest, Houston Open Air, Buzzfest, and on. The main goal for our music festival is to actually bring some good to the Houston rock n roll community and the local bands encompassed within it. We also wanted to offer a flashback to what many say was the golden age of rock n roll in the 60’s and 70’s and that is what we feel many of these bands represent. Pure rock n roll. We are well aware that many people in the Spring Woodlands area will not know the bands on this lineup but that is exactly why we want to have it here in spring. We are from here and we don’t want to go anywhere else. I know there are many people in Spring that wish there were still the sounds of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, or Led Zeppelin in today’s music world but we are here to show them that there are! The other main aspect of our festival is we are completely independent. We don’t have a long list of sponsors or other parties backing the event. This is an event set up by actual musicians involved in the Houston music community.
  3. What amenities will you have at the festival? At the festival you will find a solid list of food trucks (around 5-7), interactive art walls for all attendees to participate on, local vendors and artists on display, and a handful of local breweries showcasing their best products!
  4. What type of music/entertainment will you have at your festival? The type of music at End Hip End It can be covered by the “Rock n Roll” blanket although we do like to refer to it as a psychedelic music festival. We have everything from rock, doom, metal, and folk but we feel each band has unique parts to their music that separates them from many in their respective genres. Our Headliners Dead Meadow, Acid King, Elder, Bright Light Social Hour, The Well can all be placed in the psychedelic category. These bands have all participated in major psych fests around the world including Psycho Las Vegas, Desert Daze, and Levitation which really feels like an honor to us to have a lineup similar to such events.
  5. List all of the bands & performers that will be in attendance.
    Saturday, Oct 21 Main Stage: Dead Meadow, The Bright Light Social Hour, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Bayonne, The Deer, American Sharks, Rose Ette, Vanilla Whale, Jody Seabody & The Whirls
    Stage two: Acid King, Elder, Mothership, King Buffalo, Eagle Claw, Greenbeard, Funeral Horse, Switchblade Jesus, Warlung
    Stage three: John Evans Band, Flower Graves, The Cuckoos, Ancient Cat Society, The Mammoths, Howard & the nosebleeds
    Sunday, Oct 22 Main stage: The Well, Doomstress, Amplified Heat, Josefus, Stone Machine Electric, Only Beast, Daze
    Second stage: Otis the destroyer, Space Villains*, White Dog, Crypt Trip, Concrete Heat, Shallo

    Final thoughts: artists can vend for free and can contact tobineugene@endhipendit.com Kids 12 and under get in FREE, Costumes are allowed.

    Tickets: https://endhipendit.ticketbud.com/end-hip-end-it-2017


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