Editor’s Note: Death Threats After Goddard School News


RE: Teacher Allegedly Abuses Children At Tomball Goddard School

In this day and age, it is very easy for someone to hide behind their keyboard and post derogatory  remarks, make threats, and bully other individuals, something that I have seen a lot of over the past 24 hours. After breaking the story regarding the allegations of child abuse at The Goddard School, I began to receive numerous death threats and degrading messages and comments. My volunteer staff has also received distasteful messages and threats to their personal social media accounts. This type of behavior is childish and absolutely 100% uncalled for! Spring Happenings is a news outlet that reports the good and bad stories that relate to Spring, Texas. From day one I set a mission to provide Spring with timely and factual news, something I repeat over and over and stand by each and every day. All of our articles are 100% factual, something I take great pride in. I am absolutely shocked that people in my community would make death threats against me and my staff after informing and protecting you for over four years. Spring Happenings, myself and my entire staff have stood beside you during Spring’s best and worst times, most recently during the tax day floods when hundreds of thousands of residents were depending on us for news. We have tens of thousands of people who support us and I understand that there will always be a few unhappy people but the behavior I have witnessed over the past 24 hours is embarrassing, cruel, childish, and not human.

I would like to take a few moments to clear the air on a few topics regarding this entire incident.

  • All of the information listed in the article is 100% factual. All of the information was given to us by officials from Child Protective Services, Harris County Precinct 4, and directly from the franchise owner. We spent nearly 3 hours collecting the facts and confirming the information we received from the witness. Again, Spring Happenings will never post false information.
  • I’d also like to comment on the professional relationship I have with the witnesses husband, Kevin. My full-time job consists of helping local businesses with their marketing needs. One of the services I offer is website design, a service that I provided to Kevin’s company. Kevin was aware that I am affiliated with Spring Happenings and reached out to me in regards to the incident that his wife witnessed. After I heard their side of the story I started making numerous phone calls to CPS, Law Enforcement Officials, Goddard School Corporate Offices, and Terri Elwood, the franchise owner. Like with every story, I did my due diligence and contacted the owner to get her side of the story. After I collected the facts, the article was written and published. If the facts did not line up or one of the agencies informed me that the information I had was false then the story would not have been published but that is truly not the case. Just because I am connected to Kevin on Linkedin does not make it right to blast my photo all over the internet with slanderous and degrading comments.
  • Comments on our Facebook page are strictly moderated. There were many comments on the post that included vulgar language, threats and/or false information, if the thread and/or comments consist of that nature, they will be immediately removed. Other followers on the page can also flag comments as “spam” making them disappear.
  • Spring Happenings is not taking either side in this incident. We welcome a full and thorough investigation by Child Protective Services and the Harris County Precinct 4 Constables Office. At the time of publishing, the information listed in the article was everything that was available.
  • This story was also picked up and aired on Fox 26, last night and will air on KPRC in the near future.
  • I would like to nicely remind everyone that turns to Spring Happenings for news that we provide this service to you at NO COST! If you do not like the content we publish or feel as if it is necessary to threaten my life then I invite you to please remove yourself from our page.

I will end this editorial by issuing a warning to those that have threatened me and my staff. Legal action will be taken and pursued to it’s fullest extent for those that wish to make death threats and/or post slanderous comments about me or my staff!!! These threats are being taken very seriously and legal counsel will be sought out if necessary.

For those that have supported us over the last four years, thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Spring community, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form on our website.

Best Regards,

Zach Karrenbrock / Founder of SpringHappenings.com

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