Update: Unknown Gunman Opens Fire On Spring Police Station, Deputies Offer Reward For Assistance Locating Suspect

Spring, Texas – At 12:38PM on Monday, November 8, 2021, an unknown gunman pulled into the parking lot of the police station located at 20122 Holzworth Road in Spring and discharged a weapon multiple times at the front doors and windows of the station.

The suspect vehicle is described as a white four-door sedan and the suspect is described as a black male. Police are now offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the shooter.

At a press conference just hours after the incident, Constable Mark Herman declined to state which charges will be brought against the criminal but said he will ensure that they include federal charges.

He also expressed relief that no one had been at the station at the time and said anyone in the entry rooms of the station would very likely have been killed. The attack happened during a small window of time shortly after the last deputies at the station had left and shortly before another deputy was to return.

Speaking in front of the shattered front doors of the station, Constable Herman stated his absolute determination and confidence that the shooter will be caught. He added, “This individual must be taken off the street. He is a danger not only to society, but to himself, because had there been deputies here there would have been no doubt a gunfight.”

Constable Herman’s office is asking that anyone who recognizes the suspect or vehicle contact the constable’s office at (281) 376-3472 or contact other local law enforcement.

Watch Constable Herman’s press conference here and see images of the suspect and vehicle below:

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