Bravado Spice: Developed by Three Spring Area Residents!

Spring, Texas – May 18th, 2015:  Bravado Spice was developed by three guys (two of them right here from Spring, TX and one from Houston), who have created some really great tasting sauces and products that are “Big. Bold. Bravado.”

Named left to right:  Ryan Harcourt,  Vince Blasco and James Nelson
Named left to right: Ryan Harcourt, Vince Blasco and James Nelson

As their mission statement tells us, their goal is “To craft bold, incredible hot sauces that are undeniably delicious; we focus on raw flavor instead of just heat. Our products bring something awesome to the table, from pineapples to ghost peppers, Bravado Spice Hot Sauce is unlike anything else out there.”

Originally selling their products at local farmers markets around the Houston and surrounding areas, the Bravado brand has been growing their business by slowly adding having their products added to the shelves of numerous retail stores.

Bravado focuses on handcrafted sauces that are preservative free and that contain natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce, made in Houston.  These sauces are not mass -produced and have very complex flavor profiles.  I personally do not like hot sauces that are all heat and no flavor, and Bravado perfectly pairs heat and flavor together. 

Bravado Spice currently has three hot sauces that are all excellent and each are different from the usual hot sauce offerings on your grocery store shelves: Jalapeño & Green Apple, Ghost Peppers & Blueberry, and my favorite, Habanero & Pineapple (especially great on grilled shrimp).  Bravado Spice is currently adding two more products (and you can actually help them with that –  more on that later).

I got to talk with James Nelson of Bravado Spice and here is what he had to say

Who are the minds behind Bravado Spice?

Bravado Spice is Jeremiah Tallerine, Ryan Harcourt, Vince Blasco & myself.

Where did the name ‘Bravado Spice’ come from?

Bravado means brave or foolish, which is pretty much what we are.

Who is the master creator/chef of your products?

I guess you could say me, but the entire team collaborates on our products.

What are your best selling products and tell us a little more about each of them?

Our Pineapple & Habanero is currently our most popular product. The Crimson Hot Sauce, once launched, will probably give it a run for its money, though. Bravado Spice specializes in handcrafting our three award winning hot sauces.  Our focus has always been on flavor first and heat second. 

-Jalapeno & Green Apple Hot Sauce, a mild, flavorful combination of jalapeno and granny smith apples which is fantastic for breakfast tacos & grilled chicken.

-Pineapple & Habanero Hot Sauce, a moderately spicy combination of fiery habaneros & sweet, hand cut pineapples which is perfect for seafood, grilled pork and cocktails

-Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce, a hot blend of scorching ghost peppers & tart blueberries, an excellent partner for smoked meats such as brisket, and grilled beef.

Currently where can someone buy Bravado Spice products?

Whole Foods, Specs and various retail locations. We’re currently in at over 165 retail locations across 30 states.

I see that you recently launched a Kickstarter Project, for the readers that are not familiar with Kickstarter tell us what that is all about and how someone can get involved in fulfilling your dream?


Our Kickstarter is about re-launcing a hot sauce dear to our hearts, Crimson Hot Sauce, and introducing our Chili & Garlic Pickles to the world. You can go to to learn more about the project and join in on the fun.

What are your goals for Bravado Spice in the future?

Keep growing, bringing on new vendors and keep making products that our customers love.

I heard you are a little bit of a celebrity, tell me more about your experience getting there and where someone might have seen you before?

Ha, more like a d-list celebrity. I was on season 4 of Fox’s Masterchef. I placed 5th.

How much do you use Bravado Spice sauces in your everyday cooking?

Almost daily. I’m always finding new ways to use our products.

Share with us your favorite recipes that uses Bravado Spice?

Hands down, Pineapple & Habanero ceviche, it’s simply a red snapper ceviche, Peruvian style, with some hot sauce mixed in. It is divine.

Are any restaurants using your products in their dishes?

Just a handful. We haven’t really broken into restaurant service yet, but several locations such as Ruggles Green and Royal Oak offer dishes made with our hot sauces.  

5 words to describe Bravado Spice?

Bold. Delicious. Big. Inspired. Fun.

Check out the Bravado Spice website and like them on Facebook as well so you won’t miss out on some big things coming from Bravado Spice in the future.

Story by: Nick Rama

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