2021 Klein Forest Senior Awarded Two Full-Ride Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Spring, Texas – Asiah Donahue, a Klein Forest High School senior, has recently received two full-ride scholarship offers for her academic excellence and resilience as a student. The Xavier University of Louisiana and the University of North Texas presented her both scholarships. Furthermore, the Michael and Susan Dell foundation named her a Dell Scholar. The Children’s Defense Fund awarded her one of the five “Beat the Odds” scholarships in Texas.

Throughout high school, Asiah participated in a variety of AP and Honors courses. Her teachers describe her as a focused student who consistently challenged herself academically.

Moreover, Asiah is an accomplished student despite enduring many difficulties throughout her childhood. Asiah told the District that she “did not have the most supportive parents growing up… and neither of them were involved in my academics”. Asiah quickly created a supportive environment for herself by deciding to move in with her older brother. She also signed up for a variety of extracurricular activities upon starting at Klein Forest.

She made meaningful connections with her counselor, student council sponsor, and many of her teachers. Her personality allowed her to create valuable relationships with educators at the school. In her statement, she said, “Klein Forest has allowed me to prosper… When life gets hard, I pray and I just remember where I have come from and what I have been working hard to get to”.

All in all, Asiah’s career goals are to major in chemistry and become an environmental lawyer through law school. Her teachers, friends, and family are confident she will continue to build a successful path for herself in life based on her attitude and dedication to academics.

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